Whatīs new?

New cabguards are available.

Thereīs been no news on this site for quite a while.For the past two years I only built models for myself and did not answer any messages.I apologize for the inconveniences.I needed a timeout for a while.

Initially my plan was to have my comeback at the modelshow in march and the boxes were already packed.Then came the Corona pandemic and the show was cancelled.
Meanwhile things have calmed down a bit.I hope You all are doing well and stay healthy!
Due to the pandemic itīs still not possible to ship to all countries in the world and there may be some delays.For details please check the DHL homepage:

Iīm on again and will be happy to receice Your order.There will be some new parts coming up in august.Itīs gonna be big and exiting! For latest news You can also follow me on

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